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Hip and knee sports injuries are are becoming an increasingly common occurrence with the number of people taking part in sports activities on the rise. Whether you are a competitive professional or a casual participator, we can help you with your pain and suffering and get you on the path to a fully recovery, enabling you to get  back doing what you love as soon as possible. We can offer different treatments and surgery for both hip and knee injuries such as total hip and knee replacements. Dealing with hip and knee sports injuries in Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areas, we are your experts that you can trust and rely on. Our specialists will always be fully transparent with you about all surgery including the benefits, risks and procedures. 

Different Types of Sports Injuries:

Whether you’ve sustained these injuries from competitive or non-competitive sports, our specialists can help you. Whenever you sustain a serious and painful knee or hip sports injury, we strongly advise you to seek treatment and prevent the injury from getting worse. The two most common types of sports injuries that we deal with are:


  • Acute Injuries – These sort of injuries are an umbrella term for ligament ruptures or injuries, muscle tears and tendon ruptures. These sort of injuries are often a result of a one-off sports injury event that’s recently happened such as a bad tackle or bad landing whilst playing a sporting activity.  
  • Chronic Injuries – These type of injuries tend to build up and get worse over time which is normally a result of excessive sport and repetitive use of the knee or hip. A few examples of these type of injuries are kneel ligament damage, labral tears and piriformis syndrome.
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How Should i Prepare For Surgery?

After your consultation period regarding your hip or knee sports injury, our team will then contact you to progress to the next stage prior surgery or treatment. As expert hip and knee specialists, we always make sure that you are fit for surgery and go through regular investigations and checkups to ensure risks are minimal. 

After the investigations are carried out, you will then be given a specific time and date for your sports injury operation in Leeds or Bradford. If necessary, blood tests will also be arranged prior to the surgery. If the time and date isn’t ideal for you or you can’t attend due to personal circumstances, simply contact one of our private secretaries so that another date can be arranged. Call our secretaries today on 0113 388 2138 or 01274 550 859.

If you are prescribed any of the following, you will be strongly advised to stop taking them five days prior to treatment and surgery: Rivaroxaban, Clopidogrel & Warfarin. Furthermore, if you have arranged a treatment time but you have fallen ill a few days before, please contact our private secretaries to arrange a further date.

What Happens on the Day of Surgery?

On the day or surgery, you will be asked to come in at the arranged time that you’ve previously agreed with one of our secretaries. On the day of surgery, it’s imperative that you starve yourself for up to six hours as this helps to have a clear system and improves the chances of fully successful surgery. When you arrive, you will be seen by myself for marking and consenting.

Standard procedure will then take place with completing forms, communicating with our anesthetist and discussing any further personal needs that will help make you feel relaxed prior to surgery. Consenting and marking are essential procedures and we are fully transparent with every step of surgery and treatment. There are no surprises and we always make sure you’re comfortable and get it right.



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As expert knee and hip sports injury specialists in Leeds and Bradford, we also regularly attract patients from the surrounding areas. No matter where you’re travelling from, you will be in good hands and looked after every step of the way. After surgery or treatment, there will be an assigned recovery area where you will go and rest up. With the majority of surgeries, you are fine to go home on the same day. However, there are some circumstances where you may need to stay for longer.





What can I say! I am out of pain since my operation day. Thank you is such a small word to say but no other word can I display. My life has changed and I owe it all to you, so a very big THANK YOU for what you do.



Just a small token of thanks for the magnificent job you’ve done on my hip. You are as the card says “simply the best”.

From a very happy patient.


Friendly and professional

From entering the hospital until I left everything, the nurses, anaesthetist and the surgeon were just perfect and afterwards the physiotherapists.
I was so happy to be treated by these people. They were so friendly and professional at the same time.
I have had more discomfort from having a tooth filling.

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