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Emma Donaghue’s story in the Mail Online

A mother-of-two has had to have hip replacement surgery in her twenties .
Emma Donaghue, from Leeds, was born with congenital dislocation – a condition which wasn’t diagnosed until she was a toddler.
At three years old, she had a plate fitted into her left socket, but it failed to correct the problem.
Then, before reaching the age of 30, she became virtually housebound, which forced her to go under the knife in January.
‘I felt like an old lady, but now I feel like the young woman that I am,’ she said. ‘I feel very blessed to live in a time where procedures can give you a second chance’.

Thank you

My name is Mrs. S and I am 53. I have had both my knees replaced over 2 years due to osteoarthritis. The 1st in July 2016, the 2nd in July 2018. When the physiotherapist asked me which hospital I would like to be referred to for my 2nd knee replacement, I had no hesitation in requesting the Nuffield Hospital, Leeds and hoped the orthopaedic consultant would again be Mr. Hahnel.
Prior to surgery, I led an active life, regularly attending aerobic classes, swimming, walking my dog and was a member of a running club. However, over time I was suffering with increasingly painful swollen knees and by 2015 my left knee was far too painful to continue any exercise, walking short distances and going up and down stairs was agonising. What’s more, there is a history of osteoarthritis in my family. My mother had a TKR in later life and my father suffered with it in his hands.
From both pre-op assessments to admissions; surgeries and physiotherapy sessions, all the staff I have encountered were always friendly, helpful and professional. Whenever I have seen Mr. Hahnel he explained things to me (in layman’s terms) and reassured me regarding any concerns. You honestly couldn’t meet a nicer consultant!
It has taken me several months since my 2nd knee replacement to put my genuine appreciation on paper because, thanks to Mr. Hahnel and his team I have been busy getting back to a normal better quality of life that’s pain free. I can honestly say, without this procedure, I would have had to take early retirement and endure a very painful existence with limited mobility,
I would recommend the Nuffield Hospital and Mr. Hahnel to anyone requiring this procedure.
With sincere gratitude,

Mrs. S

Surgery staff Are stars

You have given me my life back and for that I cannot thank you enough

I cannot ever thank you all enough for all you did and the amazing care you gave to me during my knee replacement op. Everyone was so wonderful to me.
My biggest thank you must go to you, Mr. Hahnel. You have given me my life back and for that I cannot thank you enough but I hope you know just what you have done for me.
I never thought I would be pain free or be able to walk; but you have made these, plus other things possible. It has been life changing for not only myself but for my family too. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the most fantastic job you could do; it’s like a miracle to me.
Take care, see you when the other knee is due!!!

Mrs. T

I am so appreciative of your skill and expertise

I just wanted to put my thanks in writing. I am so appreciative of your skill and expertise. It is 9 weeks now since my hip replacement operation and life is really good. I am now tackling 4 mile walks and looking forward to getting on the Cumbrian Fells in the new year!
The relief that comes from no longer dragging myself through each day in the company of that all pervasive, insidious weariness that comes from osteoarthritic pain is just enormous.
I am so grateful to you and all the supporting medical, nursing and physiotherapy team that looked after me at the Nuffield. I am also immensely grateful that I can receive all this excellence on the NHS.
My family are the beneficiaries as well as myself. They have their fun and energetic wife, mum and nana back!
Thank you.

Mrs. M,

Giving me my life back

Want to say a heartfelt thank you for how you have looked after me

I know I have said thank you to you in person and told you how happy I am with my care but I really wanted to say this more formally and thoroughly. Sometimes it is only when you look back that you realise how much of an impact a condition like arthritis is having on your everyday life, getting by becomes the norm. I was actually really very nervous, in fact quite scared, about this surgery. Working in patient experience and involvement means I see a lot more patient feedback than the average person, and I’d read and heard so many very negative accounts about many aspects of knee replacement surgery and its aftermath that it very nearly put me off going ahead. It also means I am maybe more aware of what should be happening when and what makes for a good ‘patient experience’ and the best chance of a good outcome.
I would like to put on record that I do not feel my care could have been any better and I am very optimistic that the skill and expertise of care I have had means that I will reap those benefits. Although it is only a few months since my knee replacement surgery, and I continue to work on regaining strength and flexibility, already I know the benefit of my leg feeling stronger and more stable than it has for many years. Added to that the very significant decrease in pain and tiredness I now have makes such a difference day to day and I’m looking forward to doing more things I enjoy without problems.
I had had previous discussions with other doctors about this surgery but did not feel confidence to go ahead and so struggled on with increasing problems. From the very first, I left our consultations feeling confident that I had been given the best advice, been involved in the decision making, and that I was in the best of hands. My confidence that I was in good hands was boosted further by the information available on the NJR website but also from the very positive feedback I heard from other patients and staff both clinical and non clinical. I can be quite anxious, and though I hope it didn’t show too much, on the day of surgery it would not have taken too much to make me turn tail and run! But I was reassured again by the warm and reassuring approach by yourself and the lovely anaesthetist on the ward and in the theatre and before I knew it – it was all over! My husband and I really appreciated how you clearly communicated what we needed to know, expect, plan for and do before, during and after surgery and want to say a heartfelt thank you for how you have looked after me.

Patient and member of staff

I cannot thank Chris Brew and the whole team enough

After 18 months of pain in my right hip, I made the decision to have surgery after the consultation with Mr Brew. He explained in detail how the surgery and procedure would be performed and I felt very reassured. On the 25/6/18 I had my operation at the Yorkshire Clinic. Mr Brew visited me afterwards and explained that the procedure went very well.

Aftercare by the nursing staff was incredible and I was checked at hourly intervals for any pain and swelling. I was then visited by the physiotherapy team who were brilliant in encouraging me to walk straightway on my crutches and in managing stairways.

The next day I was discharged and at home managing stairs and walking with one crutch.I am now pain-free, walking long distances and back to playing golf. This operation has totally improved the quality of my life and I cannot thank Chris Brew and the whole team enough.


He has changed my life

I have had two hip replacements one in July 2017 and the other in December 2017. I was very mobile after 3 weeks and back to normal by 6 weeks after surgery. If I had not had the operations I would have had to use a wheelchair most of the time. My wife has dementia and it was possible she may have had to go into a care home because I would not have been able to look after her. Now my life has been transformed.

I would like to thank Chris Brew. He is the most considerate and caring man. He has changed my life. I would also like to thank his team and all the nurses who looked after me. I can’t give you 10/10, it has to be 1000/10! Thank you all again.


Hip replacement operation on the 3rd January 2018

I first experienced severe pain in my back on the 20th August 2016 following a days gardening. My GP in a telephone consultation diagnosed it as probably sciatic and recommended rest and physiotherapy. This did not improve and I had persistent pain over the next few months until in February 2017another GP said she thought the problem was my right hip and sent me for x-rays. This confirmed her diagnosis and I saw two consultants in Cumbria about having a hip replacement and was placed on a list in May 2016.
In December 2016 I received a call telling me that because of the Government instructions to not carry our such operations that I would have to wait at least another 6 months for my operation.

By this time the pain in my hip was getting much worse and as I am a sole carer for my wife we were getting extremely concerned about the immediate future.

Consequently I contacted the Yorkshire Clinic and was offered an appointment with Mr Brew for two days later.

We attended the Clinic the week before Christmas and were immediately impressed by the reception we received and following an x-ray we were interviewed by Mr Brew. I have to say we were immediately impressed by Mr Brew who made us feel very welcome and most importantly made us feel ordinary people, not two senile old people.

Mr Brew was very direct straightforward, he showed us the x-rays and gave his candid opinion which I agreed with that my operation should have been done some time ago. He explained the procedure and the timescale and told me that if I wanted him to carry out the procedure such was the damage to my hip he would do the operation very early in the new year.

Mr Brew made both my wife and I who were at a very low point in our lives over my hip problem much happier and we both felt confident about asking him to do the operation,

The operation was carried out on the 3rd January 2018

On the day of the operation I arrived at 12.30 as requested and was immediately escorted to my room and the days procedure explained to me. I was also asked to don the gown etc. I was then visited by Mr Brew and later an anaesthetist who explained the procedure.

At 2.30 I was taken to theatre and given an injection in my back. I actually fell asleep and therefore do not remember any details of the operation and I woke up at 5.00pm in the post op room where I was given sole attention by a nurse. This was very re-assuring..

Whether I was supposed to stay awake I don’t know but I feel going to sleep was the best thing ever. In due course I was taken up to my room and had a light meal.

The following day Mr Brew came to see me and the physiotherapists came and explained the various exercises and dos and don’ts following my operation.

I was discharged on the 6th January and came home.

For about a week after I came home I was obviously cautious and also felt a bit unwell but from Saturday 13th January onwards my hip area got better and better.

However, by far the best thing is that I no longer have the extreme nagging pain every time I move and I would recommend anyone who needs this operation to have it as soon as possible.


Experience of hip resurfacing

Since having both hips resurfaced approx 5 years ago. Richard is aware that after recovering I started training in Shotokan Karate and have competed in several National full contact sparring competitions I would like to take this opportunity to give Richard an update on my progress.

On Sunday 16 December I passed my Black belt in Karate.
Its thanks to my confidence in Richard and the Birmingham hip resurfacing system, that has enabled me to get my life back and achieve this goal at 58 years of age .

Thank you very much

Mr David Anthony Mackinnon

Nicola Walker Right Hip replacement – Oct 1st 2017

Hello Mr Grogan
A year on and I thought I would send you some photos of how I am doing. My surgery has been such a success –  I am thrilled. I was pretty much doing everything but running within 4 months. Cycling with my shoes in cleats was the most scary and I did have a fall (on to my right hip – of course).

I did start running after about 7 months but very gingerly and building up with walk/runs which gradually turned in to 100% running. I only do this once per week though and it is on the beach and soft common ground on our lovely Guernsey coast with my two dogs – so I am very lucky.

Swimming was my saviour at the start of my recovery – with simple pool walking and gentle kicking, progressing to aqua aerobics within 5 weeks and full on swimming training again by May 2018.

I even did cross country skiing on Feb 18 – but actually, this was scarier than downhill and I think I would have fallen less if I had stuck to regular skiing!  However, it exposed me to something I had been wanting to try for a while.
I have included photos of me doing my various sports – I really enjoyed my recovery and discovering how to progress efficiently but carefully.

The only thing I can’t do properly yet is cross my legs as well as I used to. My pilates has been an amazing way to keep strong and complement my sports.

So – great success story and I thank you so much for such a fantastic job on my hip, Mr Grogan.  I wasn’t called back for a one year check up but I think these photos are evidence that I am doing great!!

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