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Total Hip Replacement

If you’re looking for outstanding hip treatments in Bingley, get in touch with our specialists today. If you are nearby in areas such as Skipton, Keighley and Ilkley, we offer hip pain relief. Arthritic pain from your hip is often felt in your groin but can be felt in the buttock, thigh and knee. Advanced hip arthritis significantly affects your daily activities in many different ways. Anything from being able to enjoy country walks, playing golf and tennis or even struggling to put on your socks and shoes.  A total hip replacement is a very successful treatment for relieving your pain and returning you back to your normal activities.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint and is therefore normally very mobile . Arthritis affects your hip by destroying the normal smooth gliding motion between the ball at the top of your thigh bone (femoral head) and the socket (pelvic acetabulum) causing pain and stiffness.

A hip replacement removes the worn-out bearing surfaces which are the cause of pain. The socket is replaced with an artificial socket implanted into the pelvis .   The femoral head is replaced by a metal or ceramic ball which is attached to a metal stem fixed into the top of the thigh bone (femur).  The new head and socket glide smoothly together restoring mobility and relieving pain.

Hip treatments in Bingley

Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is a type of total hip replacement. Both sides of the hip joint (the socket and the head of the femur) are replaced. Unlike conventional hip replacement the head and neck of the femur are not removed. Instead the bone of the patient’s femoral head is prepared to accept the replacement metal femoral head. This is an outstanding hip pain relief that we offer in Bingley and for people in the surrounding areas such as Ilkley, Skipton and Keighley.

As the patient’s femoral neck and head are not removed, this a bone conserving procedure that increases surgical options for the future if revision is necessary. The fact that the diseased femoral head has been re-surfaced with an equivalently sized metal head makes this a more anatomical replacement.

The large metal head in a metal socket is intrinsically more stable than a conventional hip replacement that has a much smaller head size. The hard on hard (metal on metal) bearing surface is very durable. This bearing combination has meant that patients have the potential to return to high flexion and impact activities.

This is not an option for everyone but for active patients with aspirations of returning to sports it is a surgical solution worth considering.




hip pain in bingley

Why come to a group of surgeons?

  • We offer a wide range of appointment slots and theatre availability to ensure you are treated quickly.
  • We meet regularly to discuss cases allowing consensus opinion.
  • We review all cases and outcomes to ensure excellence is maintained.
  • Whilst you will be offered an individual consultant, we provide cross cover both in and out of hours, even offering joint operating for more complex cases as required.
  • Working as a group allows us to keep at the cutting edge of new surgical developments and techniques.


What can I say! I am out of pain since my operation day. Thank you is such a small word to say but no other word can I display. My life has changed and I owe it all to you, so a very big THANK YOU for what you do.



Just a small token of thanks for the magnificent job you’ve done on my hip. You are as the card says “simply the best”.

From a very happy patient.


Friendly and professional

From entering the hospital until I left everything, the nurses, anaesthetist and the surgeon were just perfect and afterwards the physiotherapists.
I was so happy to be treated by these people. They were so friendly and professional at the same time.
I have had more discomfort from having a tooth filling.

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